Quarry and Mining Engineering Pty Ltd, is one of Australia’s most dynamic manufacturer of quarry and mining equipment.

Ian Rowan, the Managing Director of Quarry and Mining Engineering Pty Ltd, commonly known as QME, has made it his business to know and understand the needs and requirements of the industry in all of its aspects. There have been many years of hard work in some of the most remote regions of Australia with limited resources and extreme working conditions to develop the outstanding reputation, skills, knowledge and the diligence now known as QME: Quarry and Mining Engineering.

QME is recognised throughout the industry for excellent quality products, fast and efficient delivery times, strict codes of practice and a detailed understanding of the industry and its needs due to the many years of involvement in the industry. QME prides itself on professionalism and its capacity to take on board any project. The network capacity of QME with other associated industries enables additional areas of specialisation and also provides the company access to the latest in technology to build the right product for the time.
The successful operation of QME is due to the emphasis placed on quality of workmanship, experience and expertise in the industry, reliability with delivery schedules and the capabilities of a professional team and trusted contractors.

The Company was established in 1986 based at Kangaroo Flat in Bendigo Victoria and has been supplying a diverse range of equipment to the quarry and mining industry throughout Australia and Internationally. QME have a policy of excellence in every facet of endeavor, which includes a high standard of equipment complimented by highly experienced technical suppliers. The Company has established an extensive network of support industries and contractors to offer the best advice and service to maintain the quality and flexibility of any project undertaken. The network capacity offers additional areas of specialisation to deliver the best products and services currently available incorporating the latest technology.

QME has a strong record of capability, intelligent growth and for products and services of the highest design, quality and build delivered to schedule. QME have the workshops, the plant and equipment, expertise and experience to undertake any fabrication, relocation, refurbishment and service project anywhere, whether it be initial stages of design and development through to final manufactured product installation and commissioning. QME also offer consumables, repairs and service and maintenance programs.

QME operate and maintain a management system incorporating Occupational Health and
Safety, Quality and Environmental Management meeting the requirements of the Australian Standards 4801, 9000:2008 and 14001..

QME have recently joined forces with Terex Mineral Processing Systems. As part of our business development we are more than just a fabricator, we are now a turnkey operation. Multinational supplier of machinery all over the world.